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Hyuna called Hyunseung on a TV Show [The Beatles Code 2] and tried to trick him in the ‘loyalty game’.. ㅋㅋ

[Rough transcript!]

JS: Hello?
HA: Hello
JS: Uh~
HA: JS~!!
JS: Yeah~
HA: What are you doing?
JS: I’m practising for the musical
HA: In that case, you’re busy huh?
JS: No, it’s okay right now.. Why?
HA: uh, you can’t come (out) now, right?
JS: Where?
HA: Nah.. I’m quite vexed so… 
JS: oh.. where?
HA: Apgujeong
JS: What are you doing over there at this time?
HA: Just vexed so I’m walking around for a while 
JS: What’s wrong with you?
*the rest: Just come out first*
JS: Why? What is it?
HA: Ah! I really can’t do this!

HA: JS! Wait a moment~
SD: Hello, this is Beatles Code!
JS: Hahaha. Hello, I’m Hyunseung.
SD: I’m curious, what did you think about such reaction from Hyuna?
JS: Didn’t have such talk happening before
JS: All of a sudden
HA: He’s too shock, he can’t seem to talk
SD: Really, it seems like he’s surprised as something like this had never happened before 
SD: You have to come to Beatles Code next time~
JS: Yes~ Please call me
SD: Sure, thank you.
JS: Alright, thank you.  
*Caption: Sadly, Hyuna’s loyalty game failed* 

[T/N: I hope a better version of this video will come out soon! His voice is to die for >_< Please do not take out without credits!]

Edit: The clearer version included the ending so here’s the transcript for the ending ^^

HA: Hello?
HA: He hung up the call? He didn’t even greet me..
JS: I haven’t hang up..
HA: Oh? Oppa!
JS: uh.. Yah! What the heck~
JS: Do well for the filming
HA: Okay~ Bye